Custom Framing

There is a reason Chicago chooses The Frame Shop for its custom framing.

It’s not because of the wide variety of framing and mat selection. We carry over 400 framing styles ranging from elegant traditional to modern contemporary. We also carry hundreds of styles of matting so every color on the spectrum is represented.

It’s not because all of the money you save when you get something custom framed at The Frame Shop. We buy our mouldings in large quantities and currently stock over 500,000 feet. We also chop, join, and assemble all of our frames in our own facilities, cutting out the manufacturing middle men. These factors lower our cost and save you money.

It’s not because of our quick turnaround time. Because we stock everything we carry and each step of the custom framing process is done in house, most orders are completed and ready for pick up in 7 days.

It’s not any single one of these factors but rather all of them together. So come on into The Frame Shop and bring your:

Posters—Photographs—Sports Memorabilia—Car Bumpers—Maps—Newspaper Articles—Playbills—Magazine Covers—Sport Jerseys—Jewelry—Masks—Dishes—-Album Covers—-Cards—-Money—-Clothing—-Hub Caps—-Score Cards—-Lottery Tickets—-Titles—-Diplomas—Menus—-Blue Prints—-Stock Certificates—-Report Cards—Board Games—Concert Tickets—Sports Tickets—Speeding Tickets

And see why Chicago chooses The Frame Shop.