• The Holiday List

    The Holiday List

    It’s less than a week before Christmas, there’s people you still need gifts for but you want something DIFFERENT this year. What do you get the person who has enough candles, scarves, and pajama pants.

    Don’t worry! The Frame Shop has you covered! Take a look at some of the items available at the store RIGHT NOW! Images are framed, jerseys are signed, and they are here waiting for you!

    Laser Cut Vinyl Records: $145

    Limited Edition Framed Posters: $145

    Framed Posters: $100

  • Chicago’s Best Abstract Muralists

    Revise CMW (Chef Won Kim)

    Ian Lantz(Owner: Pullman Cafe, He painted the school bus and sail boat at last years ACTIVATEs in the LOOP Alleys)

    He will also paint your garage.

    Yams(Lewis Graham Taylor, has a large mural hung in one of the Alleyways near state and lake and has a studio @ Lacuna)

  • Anything but plain and boring

    Whoever said white is boring never realized how many tints if white are available to choose from. If you have ever walked past the array of white paint samples in a home improvement store, you may have reconsidered the phrase “plain white.” To put it simply, white isn’t just one color.


    Until recently, white frames have only been considered for beach-themed rooms or baby photos. Designers now utilize white frames and white accents in interiors as primary compositional elements as opposed to a supporting color. White frames have become the new look for contemporary images from posters to photography, giving black a run for its money.

    Plus, you don’t even need to put a picture in your frames anymore! Many designers use scatterframes, or emtpy frames with no glass, canvas, or image, to simply hang on the wall. This gives the designer to act as an instillation artist composing different frame styles, shapes, and sizes to turn a plain wall into a personalized collage. Even if you don’t like white, it provides a perfect base for you to add your own taste of color.

    Luckily for you, we have a variety of white frames, from basic flat to glossy and ornate. We have just recently added frame #550286 as our newest sleek white frame (first column, middle).

    So next time you consider a frame for yourself, don’t disregard the possibliltiy of a white frame. It may just be what you were looking for.