• Collin van der Sluijs “No Concessions”

    Vertical Gallery in Wicker Park will be holding an exciting solo exhibition on June 2nd through the 23rd. The featured artist is renowned painter and illustrator, Collin van der Sluijs of The Netherlands. Van der Sluijs’ work is a unique combination of realistic surrealism full of beautifully subtle symbolism that makes one feel as though they are in a pleasantly uncomfortable dream. His mysterious symbolic content can give way to objective interpretation through anyone’s eyes. According to Vertical Gallery, Collin “translates his personal pleasures and struggles in daily life into his own visual language. He is widely recognized for his extraordinary dream-like depictions of everyday stories that question our personal lives, as well as society at large.”

    In a world full of bold and graphic imagery it is so refreshing to experience work such as Van der Sluijs’ that is both visually light and airy yet still maturely balanced with heavy content that isn’t so obvious. His mixed-medium approach in his work is truly a treasure to investigate. Each piece has rigid lines next to drips and sprays that becomes a collage of many fluid elements. The subject matter can range from frightening distorted demonic faces to pleasant birds in flight (though typically in a state of distress).

    Collin’s work has been published and shown worldwide. In 2016 Vertical Gallery held Van der Sluijs’ first USA solo exhibition and as you might imagine it sold-out. This second solo-show at Vertical Gallery is certainly one that should not be missed. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, June 2nd, 6:00 – 10:00 pm. Vertical Gallery is located at 1016 N Western Ave., Chicago, Illinois.

    If you happen to buy a print from Vertical Gallery bring it to The Frame Shop (2214 W North Ave) and receive an exclusive 30% off custom framing. Hope to see you there!