Paris Farrell

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Paris Farrell by telephone. A solo exhibition of his new works opens at the Frame Shop in Bridgeport on Friday, March 17, 2017. During our conversation, Paris shared the following about himself and his work.

Time in Chicago

Paris is originally from Philadelphia but has lived in Chicago for seven years. He currently works in Human Resources at the University of Chicago Hospital.

As an Artist

Paris identifies as a self taught artist. He recognized that he could “see” (draw) well at a young age. His art making however took a back seat to sports during high school and college. He initially resumed his art activity about five years ago when he happened upon Blick Art Materials Chicago’s downtown location. Paris amusingly shared that his purchase was limited to the $30 in his pocket; he was able to buy canvas and paint for less than $30. The past two years have been his most active art making period. He continues to learn and hone his abilities through his repetitive art practice. An interesting aspect of his practice is to hang incomplete pieces throughout his home, making the works readily visible/available to add different elements.

His Work

Paris initially experienced self-doubt about his work. Happily for us viewers, he received an extra push from a photographer friend and gained confidence to step out and show his works. Paris shared that his art reflects his feelings, and he creates his work with mixed media combining materials such as watercolor and acrylic, ink and acrylic, etc. Paris also works in photography. His inspiration quite often comes from within; he is however inspired by current and past artists, which includes Salvador Dali. His current works range from small to medium in size. Creating works of a larger scale, and possibly working with shaped canvas are future plans for his art.

“MyFlagshipSh#t No.2”


In Conclusion

Paris has been surprised and humbled by the response to his art. He repeatedly stated that he is grateful for the appreciation shown for his work. He hopes that audiences see the thought, care, and pride incorporated in each of his works. He looks forward to exhibiting a body of new works in his first solo show hosted by the Frame Shop. By the way, Paris is currently working on a commissioned album cover for a local Rhythm and Blues (R & B) artist!

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