Playbills as Souvenirs

Playbills as KeepSakes

A playbill is a show program or booklet typically given to the audience at a live theatrical performance. The printed playbill provides details about the production that include cast biographies and background information about the show. The official Playbill program is recognizable by its iconic black on yellow masthead.

After attending a show in Chicago, New York or other cities, hold onto your playbill as a souvenir. The minimalist design of playbills for plays such as Hamilton, Les Miserables, and the Lion King are memorable eye catching works of art.

I combined my playbill, ticket stub, and autographed poster from the Lion King as an attractively framed keepsake!

In addition to playbills from personally attended performances, consider collecting other playbills. Your collection can be eclectic or narrowed to focus on for example, specific directors, performers, time periods, or vintage show programs. If you have not done so, start your visual album of playbill keepsakes.

Happy Collecting!

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