Blood Memory

Blood Memory

The exhibition, Blood Memory is a body of Muhammad Naquee’s works currently on display at The Frame Shop’s Bridgeport location (3520 S. Morgan St). The title of the exhibition derives from the approximately 60” x 60” painting, titled “Blood Memory Reflection”. A horizontal splash of muted red visually divides the canvas into a somewhat mirrored design. A line of simplified figures stand above the “river of blood” with similar figures reflected below the river.

Naquee shared during our conversation at the opening reception that the red is a symbolic reference to blood as a connecting force among people, and that the reflected figures portray the idea that individuals share similar experiences. He continued with the comment that the figures below the river of blood can also be seen as reflections of our selves. Naquee’s reference to blood as a connecting force is akin to the concept of blood memory, which refers to the idea of an ancestral connection to certain traditions of thought and behavior carried in our genes.

When asked about the overall content of the exhibit, Naquee described his work as collectively about life onto canvas — the content comes from the energy of his daily experiences, dreams, and feelings. The exhibit consists of approximately 22 paintings. An additional touch to the exhibit is the suspended display of the artist’s painted ornaments. Muhammad Naquee’s Blood Memory exhibition is January 20 – February 10, 2017.

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