Marc Hauser, Portrait Photographer

An important aspect of photography is to capture a moment in time. Images of ourselves allow us to recall memories of where we were when the photograph was taken. It lets us hold on to how we once looked and what we projected out the world. Photographers are the technicians that enable us remember and see ourselves for who we are. Portraiture itself is no easy task. It takes a real gift to get a sitter to be comfortable in front of the camera and one Photographer who does so is Marc Hauser. The Frame Shop was lucky enough to interview this local Photographic legend:

Being from Northern Illinois, was Chicago your first choice for the location of your studio?

Yes, the people are very friendly. In a place like New York, there are dozens of photographers with similar styles, but here in Chicago, I’m one of a kind.

How did you get into portrait photography?

When I was in high school, i really enjoyed meeting people, and getting to know them and their stories. Taking their portrait was exciting to me, one of my greatest strengths, because of the individual’s story.

What photographer inspires you ?

Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, and Yoseph Karsh.

What is the most interesting location you have been to take a portrait?

New Zealand on the south island.

If you could practice any other art media, what would it be?

probably drawing. etchings interest me as well. the art of making hot dogs.

What is your favorite format to photograph with?

4×5 Polaroid.

With the changes going on in the Photographic media, what is one thing that is becoming obsolete that you will truly miss?

Shooting with film instead of digital.

Chicago offers many incredible locations for a portrait outside of the studio. Where is your favorite place you photograph here in this city?

Garfield park.

You have photographed many celebrities in your career. Whose personality was the most surprising?

Dolly Parton.

If you could photograph anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

Uma Thurman.

To learn more about March Hauser or see additional work, please visit his website :

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