• Meet the Photographer: Ryan Shain

    In April, Art & Company in Orland Park will unveil their second installation of the photography show “A Moment in Time.” The opening is this Saturday from 7-10pm. We are so excited for this show that we are highlighting photographers who will be a part of it! Today we feature the work of Ryan Shain. Self taught and an avid traveler, his images transport us to new places!

    What kind of camera do you use?

    I am currently using a canon 70d digital SLR camera with three canon lenses. I have the canon 10-22 wide angle lens, the canon 24-105L lens, and the canon 70-300 IS lens.

    When did you start photographing?

    My journey in photography began a little over eleven years ago on a beautiful 70 degree Autumn day. I was suppose to be attending a college class on this day, but something greater than myself was calling out to me. My destination was Starved Rock State Park in Utica, IL. I am not sure what motivated me to stop for a single-use camera, but I did and I have been in love with photography since that beautiful Autumn day many years ago.

    Are you self taught?

    I have never official taken any kind of Photography classes, but I have bought many books, learned from many other photographers, and have had a great need to learn everything I could about the art of photography. I feel everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow in every aspect of life, but especially with photography. As everyday has potential to be an amazing day and an amazing capture.

    What do you like photographing the most?

    I have always had a fascination with nature. When I was young child, I would wonder off on some kind of adventure in nature at any chance I had. It is no coincidence that I am very passionate about nature photography. I very much enjoy just getting out in any kind of wild place to immerse myself in the natural world.

    Is there a favorite photographing memory you’d like to share?

    There have been so many wonderful photography memories through the years, but the most recent trip to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming with my wife created an awakening in my spirit. There wasn’t one moment in time that I remember in particular, but rather the entire experience of eleven days in Wyoming that was priceless. The elements of amazing light, unique atmosphere, wild places, ancient mountains, and the love of my life by my side ignited a new passion for these beautiful wild places, for photography, and for life itself.

    Where/what is something you’ve always wanted to photograph?

    A place I have always wanted to experience and photograph is the Himalayan Mountain Range in Nepal. Every time I see images of this ancient mountain range, my spirit is alive and the mountains are beckoning me to come to explore their grandeur and beauty.