Guest Writer: Everyday Items as Art by Jessica Kane

Everyday Items As Art

If you like to collect things, art is one of the most rewarding things that you can collect. Viewing it gives you pleasure, while the value of most objets d’art rises over time.

Recently, one buying trend in North America has consumers paying to buy items that seem everyday, but may end up being considered art. Here are some good examples of items that fall into this category.


Just like Antique carpets and handmade rugs have become a very hot trend in North America, Pendleton blankets from vendors like are popular with collectors because the artists that create them are putting a lot of their own culture into the work. The phenomena may be similar to comparing Europe, which used to use paintings to express history and art, to Native Americans that have normally had a strong relationship to the type of blanket that they use or keep for decoration. Because blanket design can tell a story or be geographically distinct, it is one textile that is becoming more popular to purchase as art.


If you go to the history museum in Jerusalem, you will see all sorts of 2500 year old jewelry that looks like the jewelry that is worn today. For collectors, this means that well-made, custom jewelry will stand the test of time and end up being viewed as an objet d’art. Of course within the category of jewelry, it is important to have a sense for both what you like, and what you expertly presume the market will like.


In other countries like Japan, there are very famous kilns that put out distinctive ceramics that are sought everywhere. Getting a dinner set at one of these places will generally create an instant heirloom for the family that keeps that set together. In North America, ceramics have been traditionally popular to collect. The bulk of the art objects that were made from ceramic currently come from the 19th century and earlier. If you are buying ahead, focusing on plates, cups, and statues is pretty popular.


With the success of the giant shopping mall known as Etsy, another generation has taken up buying pieces of everything from hair bands to metal chopsticks, sometimes with the hope that they will become collectibles that are considered art in the future. Often times, this type of item that can be purchased is known as Americana. You can find it in a vintage store, an antique shop, or in an online mall and you will likely find out that it will increase in price over time.

Movie Collectibles

Every movie that comes out has a budget for licensed toys, games, posters, and other items associated with the film. If the film is popular like Star Wars, figures that are associated with it, and have provenance can become considered collectible art. Movie posters are also a very popular item to collect as art.

Buying everyday items that are beautiful or associated with a historic event can eventually cause those items to be considered art by collectible dealers and clients. The key for people that decide to buy from well-known sites or stores is to find something that you like, regardless of its future potential value, and then hold onto it and enjoy it.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in arts and crafts, DIY, and other handmade products. She currently writes for Indian Traders, a leading vendor of pendleton blankets and jewelry.

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