Meet the Photographer: Krista Weber!

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why hiring a professional photographer for special moments is so important. Whether it is a wedding, an engagement, or honoring the birth of a newborn, the photography of Krista Weber captures all the important, and sometimes overlooked, moments. Krista is a local photographer who feeds off the energy of her sitters. She wouldn’t mind photographing Jennifer Lawrence but finds her clients and their families far more interesting. The Frame Shop interviewed Krista to get to know more about her, her photography, and her favorite moments behind the camera.

When did you first become interested in photography?

I never had one of those “ahh ha!” moments when I realized I wanted to be a photographer. I felt like it was always there. I watched my dad collect a ton of old Kodak cameras growing up. Once digital became more popular, I remember wanting to take a darkroom class in high school to see how things used to be done. I kept wanting to learn more and more, and majoring in photography in college seemed like the way to go.

How long have you lived in Chicago?

I was born and raised in the western suburbs. I just recently moved farther south but still very close to the city. I don’t think I would be where I am today without having the opportunities Chicago has given me within the art world.

What type of camera do you shoot with?

I shoot with a couple different Nikon cameras. Calm down all you Canon people. They are both good cameras. It’s not like the Cubs and the Sox where one is obviously better than the other. But most photographers will tell you, it’s all about the lenses. Different lenses allow us to focus in on one itty bitty eyelash on a newborn baby, or the entire skyline of the city.

What are some of your favorite moments during a photography shoot?

I did a wedding once in the late spring that had an outdoor ceremony. We had been fighting the rain all day but it seemed to clear up just in time for the ceremony. We were almost finished and the officiant was 10 seconds away from saying “I now pronounce you…” and it started to pour. Everyone ran inside the reception hall where we finished it up. I was able to capture a silhouette of them kissing. It was a ceremony photo that I never planned on ever getting, but it is one of my favorites.

At another wedding, I was going around taking group shots of everyone. I came up to this one group that was using a selfie stick. They had no interest in me and my big fancy camera. So I just took a picture of them, taking a picture of themselves with the selfie stick.

Where is your favorite place to photograph?

I love going to forest preserves and farms. There’s a particular one down in Tinley Park that has so many different photo opportunities that I could spend hours there and never get bored.

What is your favorite age to document children?

Newborns, 9 months, and 3 years old are my favorite times. Newborns are so peaceful when they are sleeping. 9 month olds who are not quite walking yet are adorable. They fall on their butts so often it reminds me of a good lesson in life- Get up and try again. 3 years olds are at the age where everything is an adventure. I like letting their curiosity run wild. Grab a pile of leaves and throw them in the air!

So far, what is the coolest job you’ve done so far?

I assisted for a photographer friend of mine last year who booked a wedding inside the Willis Tower. We were let inside like special VIPs and didn’t have to go through the metal detectors or give them our IDs. The velvet rope was just pushed aside and up we went. It wasn’t a huge wedding which made it seem even more glamorous. There were windows on all three sides of the room looking out over the city at night. I couldn’t resist taking a selfie. At the end of the night, we got our car from the valet; they helped us in and put out bags in too. We felt like we were the most important photographers in the world!

What inspires your photographic creativity?

Unlike painters, drawers, and sculptors, I cannot pull a photograph out of thin air. My creativity is drawn out of me by the people I photograph. Without their personality, identity, or emotions I feel as though I would have a blank canvas.

If you could photograph anyone famous, who would it be?

I’m glad you asked this question because there really isn’t anyone. I enjoy working with average families with kids and brides who have such a special day to remember. I want to give them memories that will hopefully last a life time. However, if I did have to choose someone, it would be Jennifer Lawrence. We would probably not get any decent pictures, with our two personalities we would be joking the entire time. But I would be okay with that.

Are you doing any promotions for the holidays? What are they?

The holiday photo rush is pretty much done for me at this point. Most families use photos for holiday cards that are sent out by this time. But I would happily give out a pack of complimentary prints for anyone who books a session with me in the upcoming winter months if they mention The Frame Shop Blog!

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