Last Night: at David Weinberg gallery

Typically, an amuse-bouche is offered at the beginning of your meal. It prepares the palette for complexity so you can more fully enjoy the range of tastes and sensitivities provided. At David Weinberg gallery last night, the luscious preparer was served at the end of your journey through aesthetics, color, and exploration. Amuse LaBouche, a Chicago artist who specializes in your art and entertainment pleasure, set up shop in the back gallery. Alongside a collaborative installation with Sofia Moreno and with the help of two lovely bartenders, their installation catered to your visual and oral needs.

Like a scene stolen from the Little Mermaid, the collaborative installation by Sofia and Amuse surrounded the BitchEz Drinking Project bar with glamour and intensity. Neon and spot lights directed your eye to and from the throne and cocktail shaker. Mirrors threw you back into the thick of the sea scene. A viewer felt both at home in a childhood dream while also disappointed that their vision didn’t age as well as they had hoped it would. That didn’t matter as much because the artists themselves were as beautiful as ever. Decked in white fur and negligées they sauntered in a way that reminded you dreams can come true.

Amuse LaBouche and the BitchEz Drinking Project are the reminder that you didn’t have to be cold this Chicago winter season. Plenty of side eye and a string of pearls in tow, he creates a cocktail that is sweet and comforting. With lavender and bitters, the gin based cocktail went down smooth and warm. The rest of the gallery was filled with beautiful objects that took the form of photographs, sculpture, performers and patrons alike. Images and videos personified how exciting it is to express the body through the ability to adorn. What better way to accessorize that with a drink made with love and attention?

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