Meet your Framer: Cole Glassner

Cole Glassner, co-owner of the Frame Shop with father Donald Glassner, takes the spotlight this week. Believing that every great artist needs an equally great support system behind them, Cole can often be found at the Frame Shop on Morgan Street in Bridgeport or delivering artwork to clients. With an eye for design and business intuition, he has been aiding local artists in advancing their careers through presentation for years. We asked Cole a few questions for our blog to help visitors get to know him a little better.

How did you enter the art selling/frame selling business?

I have been in the business my entire life. Not entirely of my choice because of my parents but after working on Wall St for a couple years after school, I decided I really liked it and wanted to come back.

Who is your favorite visual artist?

Mark Rothko because of the complexity in such simple pieces.

Favorite sports player?

My least favorite is Tom Brady

Favorite scotch?

An Irish Whiskey by the name of Green Spot.

Favorite TV show?

Currently a show called “you’re the worst”

Favorite actor?

I don’t think I have one. Maybe Vin Desiel, I love the Fast and the Furious movies

What other Chicago business(es) do you admire?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

The general manager of the Cubs.

What is your fondest Chicago memory?

There are far too many to recount but I have many great nights that started out at Wrigley field.

What is one thing you would tell 16 year old you?

Don’t be afraid to wear a button down shirt occasionally

What is your favorite story to tell about Don?

My favorite story to tell is when I learned that my father loved me. I was about 10 years old. It was a Saturday morning and the Chicago Bulls were playing the New York Knicks in the playoffs that afternoon. My father had a friend who worked for the team, so he called him up to see if we could get some tickets. We show up to the arena and pick up our tickets at will call. It turns out they are fifth row off the court. Scalpers were offering three to four thousand dollars per ticket. We ended up keeping the tickets and watched Michael Jordan scored 50 pts.

Cubs, Blackhawks, or Bulls?

I support all Chicago teams. 🙂

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