Mission: Solomon Adufah’s mission is to empower, promote and celebrate the African Culture through his portrait paintings.

Solomon Adufah was born in Ghana (West Africa) and currently lives in Chicago. His discipline of art is portrait based with very vibrant colors. His potrait paintings captures expressions and emotions of his subjects. More importantly, it celebrates culture and tradition through the unique lives of the individuals he uses as subjects. More often, Africa is portrayed negatively through mass media. Africa is usually referred as disease infested, rampant wars or poverty. Celebrating the culture and tradition of the native people is his way of sharing their wonderful stories with the world.

Homeland Series continues in the States with exhibitions of portraits paintings from his travel. The exhibitions serves as a plateau to share and educate the audience celebrating the different culture in which the pieces represent. They are also effective tool for cultural diplomacy to spread goodwill in the world and cultural identity. His exhibition of portraits are incorporated into multi-media exhibits featuring videos, artifacts, and the work of the students from the country he has visited.

For the moment, Solomon Adufah’s work is self-funded. They are supported by sales of his work and the sponsorship of private companies and patrons. On occasion, he has worked on local private portrait commissions to raise more funds. Solomon Adufah would like to further and expand this program of serving and celebrating culture and human life through art. All too often the traditions African culture and the peoples are pushed to the fringes of modern society. His vibrant portraits and exhibitions helps return the beauty and relevancy of the people to a genuine level of social and cultural importance, much to the benefit of us all. His service to the community and helping out in orhanages in Africa is also his way of giving back to his roots.

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