MEET THE ARTIST: DAY 2 – James Nelson

Born with the gift to depict real life images onto a piece of paper, James Nelson discovered art at a very young age. His first portrait was a drawing of his mother. He drew every detail, from the crease of the smile. Afraid and uncertain that his mother would unhappily accept the drawing because of the delicate details in her face. She accepted the black and white drawing saying “Draw everything you see son”.

James Nelson received many awards since the age of 12 for his expertise in illustration, commercial, and visual art. James attended Westinghouse Vocational High School and majored in Commercial Art. He then went on to attend Illinois State University after receiving the All City State Awards Portfolio Winner in 1997. James is no stranger to the world of art. His work has been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art, a featured artist in several art showcases, and other galleries in the Chicago area.

James decided to begin Soulful Artistry after years of freelancing in Graphic Design, and being commissioned for different works of art. James finds inspiration through other artists, his community, culture, society, and spirituality. His style and body of work is influenced by the Renaissance and Expression movement, and Street Art. He finds portraits captivating and intriguing, and focus on capturing the essence of beauty in radiant and vibrant color schemes. He also decided to assist those who have natural skill sets and talents to encourage them to pursue their dreams, their love, passion, and happiness.

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