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    Former Ford model and fine artist Dana Todd Pope started on her purposed path as she made her first sale to Grammy Award winning recording artist Anthony Hamilton. Since then, her work has been on display with The Peroni Umbrella Project seven city tour, The Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage, Macy’s Herald Square in New York, Embrace at The Mason Murer Gallery in Atlanta, The Mulholland Tennis Club in Hollywood, DuSable Museum, The Chicago Jazz Festival, The Great Chicago Fire Festival, Gallery D’Estee, Macy’s Romare Bearden Ten City Tour, The Union League Club, Gallery Guichard in Chicago and many others. Dana Todd Pope is the author and illustrator of a “Know Money, Grow Money” a children’s financial literacy book and the 2007 First Place winner of the ARISE Entrepreneur Program Business Plan Competition. She has also been featured in several publications and periodicals.

    Influenced by personal experiences, the perspective of her ingenuity is rooted in children, family, womanhood, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. Dana often uses texture and palette knives to accomplish the mood in her paintings. Aiming to “build pride in oneself and direct the viewer to a greater purpose,” she proclaims, are her foremost objectives. Recognized nationally for group shows in Chicago, Dana Todd Pope has exhibited in Hollywood, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Albany, and New York.
    Dana Todd Pope currently resides in Chicago, Illinois with her husband, Attorney Exavier Pope, and two children.


    Mission: Solomon Adufah’s mission is to empower, promote and celebrate the African Culture through his portrait paintings.

    Solomon Adufah was born in Ghana (West Africa) and currently lives in Chicago. His discipline of art is portrait based with very vibrant colors. His potrait paintings captures expressions and emotions of his subjects. More importantly, it celebrates culture and tradition through the unique lives of the individuals he uses as subjects. More often, Africa is portrayed negatively through mass media. Africa is usually referred as disease infested, rampant wars or poverty. Celebrating the culture and tradition of the native people is his way of sharing their wonderful stories with the world.

    Homeland Series continues in the States with exhibitions of portraits paintings from his travel. The exhibitions serves as a plateau to share and educate the audience celebrating the different culture in which the pieces represent. They are also effective tool for cultural diplomacy to spread goodwill in the world and cultural identity. His exhibition of portraits are incorporated into multi-media exhibits featuring videos, artifacts, and the work of the students from the country he has visited.

    For the moment, Solomon Adufah’s work is self-funded. They are supported by sales of his work and the sponsorship of private companies and patrons. On occasion, he has worked on local private portrait commissions to raise more funds. Solomon Adufah would like to further and expand this program of serving and celebrating culture and human life through art. All too often the traditions African culture and the peoples are pushed to the fringes of modern society. His vibrant portraits and exhibitions helps return the beauty and relevancy of the people to a genuine level of social and cultural importance, much to the benefit of us all. His service to the community and helping out in orhanages in Africa is also his way of giving back to his roots.

    To learn more about Solomon’s mission and art please visit www.adufahart.com .

    (Original picture and biography source: www.adufahart.com )


    Martha A. Wade is a self-taught artist from Chicago currently painting and working from her gallery in the Oak Park Arts District. As the daughter of an artist father, she has always carried a deep passion for art making. Martha would watch her father paint from a young age, and longed for a canvas of her own. She began to teach herself drawing by pausing cartoons on video and copying the image. Today her paintings have a bold and vibrant style that explores mankind’s potential on earth and throughout the universe.

    In her new body of work, Wade creates a fantasy of humans made from stardust, who uplift our spirits by giving us a glimpse of what people can achieve at their highest potential. Her tapestry of famous and everyday people suggest that common grounds exist, where everyone is empowered to fulfill their dreams.

    Once fearful of the “starving artist” stereotype, Wade chose to attain her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan rather than fine art in 2000. After years of working in the financial services industry, her creative spark could no longer be squelched. Martha had no choice but to make a change and go back to school in the arts. She received her Masters of Art Management from Columbia College Chicago in 2008, where she learned the graphic design, web production, and video skills needed to begin her artistic career on her own.

    Martha then built her own website, and started posting images of her work. The love Wade’s art received online through social media gave her the courage to show more work, and devote her life to painting nearly 5 years ago. Martha Wade’s work can be found in private collections nationally in the United States as well as internationally in Scotland, Ireland, and Sweden.

    ( original biography and picture source: wade create.com )

  • MEET THE ARTIST: DAY 3 – Obi Soulstar

    Born in Chicago, but raised in West Africa — Nigeria to be exact — Obisoulstar is the epitome of a Renaissance Man. His music is like food for the starving senses and water for a withered heart; it reflects a man who has seen a lot, forgotten little, and is not afraid to tell the story.

    His music embraces the sounds of Soul, Blues, Funk, Rock, Afrobeat, Lounge, and Reggae — with a dash of House and Alternative for extra style. Sharing the stage with the likes of Grammy Nominee Kem, Eric Roberson and Reggae Legend Beres Hammond (to mention a few), Obisoulstar merges influences from the likes of Maxwell, Raphael Saadiq, Lenny Kravitz, Meshell Ndegeocello, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and Fela Kuti (the father of Afrobeat), forming a concoction of melodic delight while promoting unity, love, and spiritual liberation through music.

    Filled with energy and character, he takes his artistry everywhere time travels. He brings his audience with him on a journey, captivating them, while allowing those who share in the experience to escape through the release of spiritual energy. For this, he has been dubbed the “SoulRockinRolla” and the minister of “AFROROCK RELIGION”.

    To learn more about Obi SoulStar and his artistry go to www.obisoulstar.com !

    (Original biography source: www.obisoulstar.com )

  • MEET THE ARTIST: DAY 2 – James Nelson

    Born with the gift to depict real life images onto a piece of paper, James Nelson discovered art at a very young age. His first portrait was a drawing of his mother. He drew every detail, from the crease of the smile. Afraid and uncertain that his mother would unhappily accept the drawing because of the delicate details in her face. She accepted the black and white drawing saying “Draw everything you see son”.

    James Nelson received many awards since the age of 12 for his expertise in illustration, commercial, and visual art. James attended Westinghouse Vocational High School and majored in Commercial Art. He then went on to attend Illinois State University after receiving the All City State Awards Portfolio Winner in 1997. James is no stranger to the world of art. His work has been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art, a featured artist in several art showcases, and other galleries in the Chicago area.

    James decided to begin Soulful Artistry after years of freelancing in Graphic Design, and being commissioned for different works of art. James finds inspiration through other artists, his community, culture, society, and spirituality. His style and body of work is influenced by the Renaissance and Expression movement, and Street Art. He finds portraits captivating and intriguing, and focus on capturing the essence of beauty in radiant and vibrant color schemes. He also decided to assist those who have natural skill sets and talents to encourage them to pursue their dreams, their love, passion, and happiness.

    To get to know James Nelson a little better, check out his website, http://soulfulartistry.com !

    (Original biography source: http://soulfulartistry.com )


    Angelica London is a mixed media artist who pulls inspiration from her surroundings. With a degree in Art & Design from Columbia College – Chicago, she has elevated from the knowledge she gained in school and taken it to another level by being sought after to participate in shows across Chicago with countless notable Chicago artists. Her love of the Arts grew while growing up and being exposed to various art forms (dance, music, visual arts, jewelry making, etc.) and also having a very creative family backing her along the way. Angelica ‘ s ultimate goal is to simply inspire. Inspire others to embrace their creativity and explore the world around them.

    To learn more about Ms. London go to www.alondonart.com .

    (original biography and picture source: www.alondonart.com )

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  • The Native Series: Juneteenth Celebration and event.

    The Frame Shop Chicago is happy to be hosting The Native Series! This event is on June 19, 2015 at 6:30 pm and will be held at the Creative Space. This is the first of a quarterly event, highlighting phenomenal Midwest artists. The artists include, Angelica London, Mike Stidham, David A. Geary, Obi Soulstar, Martha A. Wade, Dana Todd Pope, James Nelson and Solomon Adufah is the featured artist.

    At the Frame Shop, we are very excited about this event and even more excited about the cause! All proceeds are going to help Solomon Adufah and his effort to improve education in Ghana. He specifically plans to donate school supplies and cover costs of tuition and uniforms for as many children as possible.

    Be sure to check back next week for our “Get to Know the Artist” series. We will be posting bios and pictures to help you get to know the artists a little better. To purchase your tickets for the event please go to the following link and remember to like us on Facebook!