• Dont let that pile of posters stay buried. Frame them.

    Don’t let that stack of posters in your closet get any bigger. I know you haven’t framed them because up until recently you had no afforable way of doing so. The average Frame Shop visit used to be around $400 and that is even with a Blick or Michael’s half off framing coupon . We boast a far less cost and we offer the same frames and product. We could easily frame an 18 x 24 poster from your favorite concert or favorite street artist for around $175. It will look fantastic and if you already hve it pinned to the wall your apartment will no longer look like a dorm room. We are a customer friendly framing experience and we aim to make everyone happy, and we seem to be batting 1.000.

    We’ll see you soon.

  • The Benefits of Suede Matting

    Most people know whether or not they want a mat on their image before they come into a frame shop, but most people don’t realize the extensive amount of choices they have in choosing a mat color–or that they even have a choice in the mat’s texture! So, I thought I would take some time to reflect on the beauty of one our most popular mat options, our Moorman Suede Matboard.

    What is a suede matboard? Basically, it is like any other mat, except the surface is not made of paper, but rather of fabric, specifically a suede-like texture. While some suedes can be acidic, our Crescent Moorman Suedes have an acid and lignin free surface, core, and backing paper. Most come in a white core, but we have a selection of black-core suedes as well. The biggest benefit to suedes, other than their archival quality, is the matboard’s rich texture and vibrant colors. Throw a suede mat on your image and watch your image transform! The colors seem to pop even more, and the texture of the suede tells you “I am rich!” Use it in your framing for jerseys….you now have art! You don’t have to use a boring, flat color for your shadowbox. Use a suede and now it looks important. Plus, the rich finish seems to change in the light.

    From my experience, anyone who has dared to try a suede mat usually falls in love with it and keeps coming back for that unique look. Regular mats just don’t cut it anymore. If you are that person, or may be that person, you are in luck. We offer every color and size in Crescent’s Moorman Suede Collection. Artists, these make great surfaces to work on if you love collage or experimenting with texture! These high-quality boards are fade and bleed resistant. Buy it by the sheet or cut to your frame’s size! Either way, suedes will be sure to impress you.

    To learn more about Crescent’s Moorman Series Matboard, click here !