• Love your city, love your art

    Chicago has argueably one of the most beautiful skylines in the US. Skylines not only showcase the impressive size of our city, but also our beautiful lakefront, buildings, and attractions surrounding it.

    Here at The Frame Shop, we have over 20 images of our stunning Chicago skyline to frame. Ranging from two to eight feet, these artful photographs are sure to be the center of your living space and a great conversation peice! Each piece is carefully printed on high quality inkjet canvas and coated for protection. Check out a few samples below:

    Come stop by today to get a preview of our skyline book and order yours today. Don’t forget the frame! The best part is that each frame and skyline can be matched uniquely to your tastes!

  • Anything but plain and boring

    Whoever said white is boring never realized how many tints if white are available to choose from. If you have ever walked past the array of white paint samples in a home improvement store, you may have reconsidered the phrase “plain white.” To put it simply, white isn’t just one color.


    Until recently, white frames have only been considered for beach-themed rooms or baby photos. Designers now utilize white frames and white accents in interiors as primary compositional elements as opposed to a supporting color. White frames have become the new look for contemporary images from posters to photography, giving black a run for its money.

    Plus, you don’t even need to put a picture in your frames anymore! Many designers use scatterframes, or emtpy frames with no glass, canvas, or image, to simply hang on the wall. This gives the designer to act as an instillation artist composing different frame styles, shapes, and sizes to turn a plain wall into a personalized collage. Even if you don’t like white, it provides a perfect base for you to add your own taste of color.

    Luckily for you, we have a variety of white frames, from basic flat to glossy and ornate. We have just recently added frame #550286 as our newest sleek white frame (first column, middle).

    So next time you consider a frame for yourself, don’t disregard the possibliltiy of a white frame. It may just be what you were looking for.

  • Want to change your mood at home? Change your room with a new frame.

    The use of guided imagery has long been a way to make the mind relax and relieve stress and tension. This situation normally takes place in an office behind closed doors, eyes closed and laying on a couch of some sort. Well if you can imagine a peaceful place and it help you relax, why not hang one up on the wall in your room.

    A white wall, or blank wall leave the mind to think what ever it wants. Put something relaxing up, like an italian promenade oil painting, wibrant with color and expession. A calming countryside where you can almost feel the breeze moving the trees in the background. If you already have one of these paintings and you feel it isnt doing its job, maybe the old frame on it needs some freshening up. Give us a call or just stop in. Bring your piece with you if you want to reframe it. We look forward to meeting you.