• Meet your framer

    Hello and welcome to The Frame Shop by Art & Company. My name is Kristina and I am the shop’s lead designer. I have been in the framing industry since 2011 and have combined my experience as an artist to inspire my unique style of framing. I graduated from the American Academy of Art as Valedictorian in 2012 and have continued my interest in framing since then.

    With my influences in art, I believe that hanging an image on your wall gives it purpose and significance. Its purpose is to bring you pleasure every time you look at it, to see it as you saw it the first time, and remember why you first fell in love with it. Here at Art & Company, we have seen all types of images come through our doors. I’m sure we all have that favorite family photo that we treasure, a newspaper clipping of our past achievements, or just an interesting image that you found by chance.

    Art can be anything; it doesn’t have to be an original work. It is those images we need to notice every day and bring a little joy into our lives. That is what makes framing so important. By displaying these images, we are keeping that joy with us. So consider that image that makes you smile a little and allow yourself that pleasure daily by framing it!



  • Here today at Zhou B. Art Center with Coffee Con

    We have a framing special going on for all the Coffee Con participants and guest to come on over after you are all hopped up on caffeine and print and frame a photo for the memories.  Take a selfie.  We’ll put it all together for you for just $25.  Come check us out we are excited to meet you all.

  • To hang something on a wall is to give it purpose, to hang something on a wall without a frame is neglect.

              A custom framer is an artist.  They use intent, education, experience, and a little improvisation to please the client with a perfect representation of that which is being displayed.  There can be imperfect choices and it is the framers job for you to enthusiastically become excited when you finally see your finished piece.

              In our establishment we have over 300 frames to choose from with a number of different combinations of fillets and frame on top of frame choices that create a very studio like environment.  Our employees are trained to take expert care with your piece and give a variety of options that will give you the client the most effective experience to bring a solution to the problem.

              Matting can be one of the more difficult choices.  Do you go bland and throw a white or black mat around it, or are you one to challenge the view and compliment the colors within the piece.   All in all come on down to The Frame Shop in Bridgeport, Chicago, IL and we will guide you through a great experience and have you coming back again and again with your framing needs.